Cocktails with bacon. Ice cream sundaes with bacon. Since, like the book says, everything tastes better with bacon, why didn’t we think of bacon popcorn before? Thankfully, blogger Adrienne Handler of Nosheteria did, and now Netflix addicts have yet one more reason never to return to the multiplex.

The “recipe,” such as it is, is simple: Fry up your bacon, reserve the hot grease, then throw the popcorn kernels in to snap, crackle, and pop.

Appalling though it might seem, this is really no different than adding oil to pan of popcorn kernels. It’s just in this case the oil tastes like bacon!

Nosheteria readers, eager to get in on the fun, have suggested adding Parmesan or brown sugar (for that extra-special pig candy effect), or subbing sausage for the bacon. As one commenter rhapsodizes, “Bacon: candy of the meat world!”

In the mood to snack, yet laying off the pig? Try the wok-seared Popcorn Cauliflower over at Dirty Sugar Cookies. “Swear to god, I feel like we’re at the movie theater, that’s how close it is to popcorn,” writes Ayun Halliday, although she also suggests making sure your kids watch you coring the head of cauliflower beforehand. “This is what happens to boys and girls who don’t eat what’s on their plates.”

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