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There’s a new dairy-free yogurt in town, and this one comes from oats. Yes, alternatives to animal products and byproducts are continuing to grow and expand, and if you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or just open to trying non-dairy options (maybe due to some unpleasant recent news), then you might be excited about the newest alternative yogurt: oat milk yogurt! With so many brands putting their own spin on oat-based yogurt (and more continuing to crop up every day), now is a great time to try some of these oat yogurt varieties for yourself.

Is oat yogurt good for you?

For those who love dairy yogurt (and might argue it’s just called “yogurt,” no modifier necessary), protein and taste are likely at the top of the list of reasons to eat it. With 11 grams of protein (in Chobani’s Apricot flavor, for example), it’s a solid quick breakfast or a protein-packed bridge between lunch and dinner. Some of the existing dairy-free yogurt alternatives lack that hunger-fighting protein, like in coconut milk-based So Delicious’s Passionate Mango flavor—it has more saturated fat (and fat overall), with only a negligible amount of protein. The taste might be enjoyable, but as far as snacking goes, it’s definitely a less useful food item to combat the hangries.

best store-bought brands of yogurt (including skyr, Greek yogurt, organic yogurt, and vegan yogurt)


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Oat milk yogurt (mostly) side-steps those pitfalls, with a healthy dose of protein and impressively low fat levels.

What are the best brands of oat yogurt?

Both Oatly and Hälsa Foods call their products “Oatgurt,” and start with a fermented oat base at the top of their ingredients list. Oatly has the least amount of protein of any of the oat milk yogurt options (at just over a gram per serving), while Hälsa more positively touts no added sugar. Though Oatly falls short with its protein game, it does offer lower saturated fat than dairy yogurt, with just .2 grams per serving.

Providing more protein than the previous two, Nancy’s Probiotic Oatmilk Non-Dairy Yogurt delivers 6 grams of protein with only .5 grams of saturated fat. Instead of a fermented oat base, this variety lists oat milk and fava (faba) bean protein at the top of its ingredients list. And, Nancy’s offers 24-ounce sized containers, for those trying to avoid single-use packaging.

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With ingredients similar to Nancy’s, and having just come on the market, So Delicious’s Oatmilk Yogurt Alternative delivers 3 grams of protein and zero grams of saturated fat per serving in its Sweet Mango variety. Not to be outdone, Silk also just announced its own line of Oat Yeah Oatmilk Yogurt Alternatives. The oat milk yogurt craze is clearly in full force, and with attractive nutritional content and animal-free ingredients, we totally get it!

To be fair, yogurt alternatives based in soy milk, almond milk, or even cashew milk all offer reasonable saturated fat and protein content when compared to coconut milk options. But, since the FDA includes dairy milk, soybeans, and tree nuts in its list of top food allergens, that leaves sufferers of those common allergies  to choose either coconut milk yogurt or oat milk yogurt. And, between just those two, oat milk yogurt is the clear winner.

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With all these brands and their U.S. expansion plans, there’s a good chance one of these products is already at your local grocery store (or soon will be). Try one out and see if you’re sold on the trend. Whether you love it or you don’t, you have to marvel at all the food options we have available these days. Stick to the old or switch to the new—there’s something for everyone!

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