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Are you sitting at home, eagerly waiting for Amazon Prime Day deals to drop on July 15? Believe us, we are too, but we have an exciting Amazon deal to tell you about in the meantime. From now through July 14, Amazon is offering a 20% discount for Prime members on some of its best Amazon-exclusive snacks

We’ve rounded our favorites below that will keep you snacking all summer long. Choose from sweet, salty, or spicy options that are perfect to bring along on all of your upcoming beach days, road-trips, or picnics.

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Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels

These peanut butter pretzels are perfect for those who crave something both sweet and salty. Mess-free and easy to share, you’ll be the most popular one at the picnic if you show up with a tub of these.

Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels, 44 Ounce Jar, $11.13 on Amazon

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Happy Belly Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Crunch all summer long on this mix of five different nuts that have been roasted and salted to perfection. This deal includes two 16-ounce bags for a bargain price.

Happy Belly Deluxe Mixed Nuts, Pack of 2, $15.19 on Amazon

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Cacao & Coconut Crunch Nut Blend

This fancier take on trail mix is a great way to get your chocolate fix without it becoming a melty mess in the sun. The almonds and cashews are glazed with coconut palm sugar and cacao, and mixed in the bag with raisins, coconut chips, and dried blueberries.

Wickedly Prime Organic Sprouted Nut Blend, Cacao & Coconut Crunch, $9.99 on Amazon

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Simple & Slightly Sweet Plantain Chips

Not only are these individual-sized bags of plantain chips crunchy and delicious, they have no added sugar and would go very well with a party-friendly bowl of guacamole. This pack of 36 1-ounce bags will keep you munching all summer.

Wickedly Prime Plantain Chips, Simple & Slightly Sweet, $17.99

36 1-ounce bags
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Fiery Mango Organic Sprouted Trail Mix

This colorful trail mix is sweet with a spicy kick, combining almonds, dried mango, cashews, and goji berries.

Wickedly Prime Organic Sprouted Trail Mix in Fiery Mango, $12.69 on Amazon

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