rainbow food for Pride Month

Every June is special for the LGBTQ+ community. At once solemn and celebratory, June marks Pride Month, punctuated by the anniversary of the historic protests and subsequent riots at Stonewall Inn (#Stonewall50) which lit a spark in the decades-long struggle for equality. But this June marks an extra special Pride Month, as it’s exactly 50 years since those historic events.

New York will play host to World Pride this weekend in honor of the anniversary and the city expects as many as 4 million folks in from every corner of the world to celebrate, march, dance, and of course, eat and drink! We’re delighted to incorporate special coverage of Pride Month in June, so whether you’re visiting New York for World Pride or celebrating from afar, we hope we’re able to help make you shine your Pride colors just a little brighter this year.

For those visiting New York this June for Pride, we assume your trip may have you down by the Stonewall Inn. During the Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30th, things will be bonkers—so be warned—but any other time, we suggest these 5 Places to Eat Near Stonewall for World Pride.

All that eating and drinking might leave you feeling a little groggy the next morning, in which case you might need recovery in the form of a mimosa (or 4) at New York’s Best Drag Brunches for World Pride. And though not all are in New York, chances are you may be in striking distance of one of these 5 Gay Restaurants to Patronize During Pride Month.


Okay, so you couldn’t make it to the city this year. Fear not—you can whip up your own celebratory feast or party food inspired by a celebrated queer chef via these 10 Must-Have Cookbooks by LGBTQ+ Cooks. Or take a cue from chef Jeremy Salamon and try slipping some Smoked Pastrami Beef Tongue onto your plate.

Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook


Feeling the rainbow for Pride? Forget the skittles, our Pride Menu Features a Recipe for Every Color of the Rainbow. And if that’s not enough, these Fantastic Rainbow Foods Make for an Extra-Festive Pride Party.

Why so much rainbow food? Not just for celebration, apparently. Check out the Science Behind Brightly Colored Summer Fruit & Why a Rainbow Diet Is So Good for You.

rainbow food for Pride Month


And finally, we take a hard look at the corporate food world and its intersection with Pride and LGBTQ+ equality. Rainbow-Washing for Pride Has Reached Critical Mass but is it for good or for greed? You decide. In the meantime, we tip our cap to The Best LGBTQ+ Food and Drink Brands to Work For in 2019.


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