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Wedding cakes are so personal, and many brides and grooms use them not only as a dessert, but as a chance to show off their personalities. There are so many fun, unique ways to do that, whether you’re looking for something quirky and funny or really elegant, we’ve rounded up some options that can be personalized to perfectly reflect your relationship with your partner.

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Hearts and Arrows, $13.04 on Etsy

Etsy custom initial arrow heart wedding cake topper

Wedding Pros/Etsy

Not only is this cake topper gorgeous, it’s completely customizable (as far as color, size, and initials, of course). This is a sweet centerpiece that you’ll want to hold onto forever. A bonus: it’s wooden, meaning it’s light and can be easily inserted into the top of the cake.Buy Now

Purple Love Birds Wedding Cake Topper, $82 on Etsy

Etsy love birds wedding cake topper

Dances with Clay/Etsy

This one might be my favorite for a very good reason: it was mine! I honestly don’t remember it costing $82, so I think the shop may have gone up on their prices. I will say that it’s very high-quality and we have it displayed on our mantle to this day—so it’s definitely a keepsake that will last. It’s also customized with our initials.Buy Now

Rustic Chic Wire Cake Topper, $29.99 on Etsy

Etsy custom wire heart and arrow wedding cake topper

Le Rustic Chic/Etsy

This wire cake topper is particularly great if you want more than just your initials. You can include a full last name. It’s also light and could be easily displayed after your wedding to accompany some gorgeous flowers in a vase.Buy Now

Game of Thrones Wedding Cake Topper, $18.85 on Etsy

Etsy Game of Thrones wedding cake topper

Happy Topper Store/Etsy

If you and your partner are huge “Game of Thrones” fans this is absolutely the way to go. You can even choose from a variety of sizes and colors, including dark wood and glittery gold or silver.Buy Now

Porg Star Wars Wedding Cake Topper, $149 on Etsy

Etsy Star Wars porgs wedding cake topper

Two Birds Cake Toppers/Etsy

This may be one of the more expensive toppers, but can you really put a price on “Star Wars?” We think not. You can even specify what you want the characters to look like. These are definitely pieces that you’ll hold near and dear to your heart forever.Buy Now

Customized Bobble Heads, $159 on Etsy

Etsy customized bobblehead wedding cake topper

Hello Mini Me/Etsy

This cake topper is one of my favorites on the list—and a choice that will definitely keep all of your guests chuckling. You send in pictures to this Etsy seller and make choices about the models in order to fully capture the essence of you and your partner (and your pet, if you want). It only takes three to four weeks to order, and rush shipping is available, which is a big plus if this is the one detail that you forgot to cover for your big day. Note that while the heads are oversized, they don’t actually wobble—but they’re still pretty fantastic.Buy Now

Custom Figurines, $39.99 on Etsy

vintage style hipster wedding cake topper Etsy

Love and Luxe Handmade

If you’re hoping for a more sentimental figurine, this just may be the way to go. In addition to customizing hair color, you can even choose a message for the sign that they’re holding, making it one of the more personal items on the list.Buy Now

Anime Wedding Cake Topper, $231 on Etsy

Etsy anime wedding cake topper custom figure

Naboko Studio/Etsy

Because the couple that nerds out together stays together, right? These figurines are handmade and completely customizable. The seller will even set up a phone call to discuss the aspects that are most important to you. Shipping takes only one to three weeks.Buy Now

Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper, $14.92 on Etsy

Etsy custom silhouette wedding cake topper

Tilly Bean Bespoke/Etsy

This is one of the best classy options on the list: the customizable figures of your choice in silhouette, made from black acrylic. You can also choose an inscription, which will appear tastefully on the bottom of the piece.Buy Now

Halloween Wedding Cake Topper, $69.95 on Etsy

Etsy Frankenstein wedding cake topper

JW Caketops/Etsy

If you want your wedding to be a real monster mash, these Frankenstein figurines may be the way to go. This company also offers toppers that feature branches of the military, as well as different occupations and hobbies, so even if you’re not into sweetly spooky, you might find just what you’re looking for. It ships out within three days of ordering, too!Buy Now

Custom Peg Dolls, $5.99 on Etsy

Etsy custom peg doll wedding cake topper

Pine and Petal Weddings/Etsy

If you think of your fiance as a real doll, this topper may be the perfect choice for you. Not only are they cost-effective, they’re adorable and offer customizable options for the paint colors on the dolls. You could also leave them in their natural wooden state for a more earthy celebration.Buy Now

Otter Couple Wedding Cake Topper, $95.50 on Etsy

Etsy clay otter wedding cake topper

Pura Vida Clay/Etsy

You might call this wedding cake topper otterly adorable. The otters are hand-sculpted out of clay and allow for a customizable stand that can include your wedding date or an inscription of your choice. If otters aren’t your spirit animal, the seller offers lots of other options, from sloths to arctic foxes, all in the same cute style.Buy Now

Dinosaur Cake Topper, $42 on Etsy

Etsy dinosaur wedding cake topper

Sugar Plum Cottage/Etsy

Maybe you and your partner are archaeologists, or maybe you both just loved “Jurassic Park.” Whatever the case, these dinos are the perfect way to add a little action to your wedding night. You can choose have them painted silver or gold—or just leave them in their natural, dino-tastic state.Buy Now

Hedgehog Cake Topper, $42 on Etsy

Etsy hedgehog wedding cake topper

Fox Tail Furnishings/Etsy

These little hedgehogs are the perfect way to celebrate a wedding with a more rustic, outdoor feel. They are super light, and come complete with a celebratory top hat and pearl. You can also choose a customizable inscription.Buy Now

Llama Wedding Cake Topper, $38 on Etsy

Etsy llama wedding cake topper

Sugar Plum Cottage/Etsy

This wedding cake topper is destined to bring smiles to the faces of your wedding guests. My favorite part is the tiny Swarovski crystal located on the bride’s left hoof (obviously)! You can also customize the bow tie in order to match your wedding colors.Buy Now

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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