Lord Jones CBD gummies Mother's Day gift box
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This Mother’s Day, gift the woman in your life who never loses her chill with something that will help her do the one thing she doesn’t do often enough—chill out. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite items that will help mom get the rest and relaxation she deserves—from everything she needs to turn her bathtub into a spa treatment, to CBD-infused treats even she will love. Keep reading for more of our favorite gift ideas.

For the mom who loves to chill out with “plants”

CBD is everywhere these days, and we’ve tried several of the buzziest products on the market. Whether mom suffers from migraines, anxiety, arthritis, or sleeping problems, various studies point to CBD as the solution to a myriad of issues. Below are our favorite products we think mom will love too.

Lord Jones Limited Edition Apricot Rose Mother’s Day CBD Gum Drops, $50.00 on LordJones.com

Lord Jones CBD gummies Mother's Day gift box

Lord Jones

We’ve written about these Lord Jones gum drops before—they taste great, don’t have any scary ingredients, and with 20mg of CBD per gumdrop, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The brand even came out with a special edition box specifically for Mother’s Day (including a beautifully-packaged box just for mom)!Buy Now

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion, $60.00 on LordJones.com

Lord Jones CBD body lotion

Lord Jones

This CBD lotion has been all the range ever since awards season when some of our favorite celebrities copped to using it on their feet to relieve pain caused by the killer heels they wear on the red carpet. If mom loves high heels, then she will love receiving this miracle lotion.Buy Now

Beboe Calming Blend CBD Vape Pen, $75.00 on Beboe.com

Beboe Calming CBD vape pen


Beboe has been dubbed the “Hermès of marijuana” thanks to their high-end celeb-favorite products, and they recently launched their first CBD-only product in the Calming Blend CBD Vape Pen. It features naturally derived 500mg CBD oil blended with calming essential oils and plant-derived citrus and grapefruit terpenes. We’ve personally tested this product, and can say we’ve had some of the best sleep of our lives after using the pen before bed. Thank you, Beboe.Buy Now

Feals “The Flight,” $20.00 on Feals.com

Feals 'The Flight' CBD tincture sampler


Maybe mom would like a CBD tincture, arguably the most traditional way to consume CBD. Feals has a flight containing various doses so mom can test them out to see which works best for her. The product has a perfect 5-star rating and we’ve tried it—it’s definitely helped us relax after a stressful day.Buy Now

For the mom who loves to chill out with a bath

Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray, $42.97 on Amazon

wooden bath tray deluxe


This bath tray expands to fit pretty much any bathtub size, and has room for all of the essentials—glass of wine, book or iPad, and a soothing scented candle.Buy Now

Winc, $13/ bottle and up ($20 off your first order!)

glass of rose wine (how is rose wine made?)


Instead of gifting mom just one bottle of wine to enjoy with her bath, why not keep the gift flowing with a monthly subscription to a service like Winc? We’ve personally tested their wines and think it’s a great value for the price.Buy Now

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Candle in Lavender, $14.52 on Amazon (originally $19.98)

Mrs Meyers lavender scented candle


Lavender is known to induce relaxation, and this Mrs. Meyers lavender candle is a best-seller on Amazon so it’s a safe bet Mom will like it too.Buy Now

Richie House Women’s Plush Soft Warm Fleece Bathrobe, $43.99 on Amazon

Mother's Day gift luxe bathrobe


Why not throw in a bathrobe to ensure Mom has something cozy to wear after pampering herself? We can’t believe this robe is less than $50 and has 2,500+ positive reviews on Amazon.Buy Now

For the mom who doesn’t like to chill out in the kitchen

Maybe mom thinks cooking is stressful and she’d rather have someone else do the work—enter meal kit delivery services. Some are great, some are not, but lucky for you we’ve tried a bunch of them so you can pick the one that works best for your mom’s specific eating habits and preferences.

Sun Basket, $10.99/serving and up on SunBasket.com

Sun Basket meal kit delivery service review

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers a variety of unique recipes your mom is sure to love—and thanks to the detailed cooking instructions, they’ll be easy to make too.Buy Now

Blue Apron, $7.49/serving and up on BlueApron.com

Blue Apron meal kit review

Blue Apron

If your mom is a serious gourmet, she can make restaurant-quality meals at home in no time with Blue Apron.Buy Now

Sakara 3-Day Signature Program, $189 with discount (regularly $239) on SAKARA.COM

Sakara meal delivery review


Or if your mom is into superfoods and eating healthy, hook her up with Sakara (and see our Sakara review); their pre-cooked meals are all plant-based, organic, gluten- and dairy-free, without processed sugar or preservatives. Definitely mom-approved.Buy Now

For the mom who doesn’t like to chill out by cleaning

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum, $279.00 on Amazon (originally $374.99)

iRobot Roomba robot vacuum


Who actually does like to clean? The answer is no one, so why not gift mom something to make chores a little easier like this Roomba. She’ll spend less time cleaning and more time chilling, ultimately making you the favorite child.Buy Now

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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