What a time to be alive! RX Bars have released three new flavors, SweeTARTS is dominating the Easter candy game, and the cereal market is about to be flipped on its head. Lucky for you, we’ve tried all of the latest and greatest in snacks (on the Taylor Strecker Show) to separate the best from the worst. Check out our candid thoughts below and then decide what’s worthy of a spot on this week’s grocery list.

SweeTARTS Easter Candy (Sour Jelly Beans)

These will be the death of me, I swear. It has gotten to a point where I am physically ill from the amount that I consume in a single sitting. Lovers of sour candy, REJOICE! This tangy, sweet, perfectly-balanced-between-crunchy-and-soft Easter snack was made for you. Do not share these with the children.

Island Pork Jerky (Korean Barbecue)

This was really, really good because it’s really, really sweet. And while it’s not something we’d eat every day as a “health snack,” it’s certainly a great splurge when you’re craving something meaty. Plus, this particular brand of pork jerky is very tender. No complaints here!

Magic Spoon Cereal (Fruity)

I don’t care what Rob, Taylor, and the stevia-averse have to say, this cereal has me all kinds of excited. High protein? Check. Low carb? Check. High fiber? Check. Sugar alternatives? Check. Less than 120 calories? Check. It’s literally the most perfect way to start your day, all without the guilt and shame of eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. And what’s even better is that it comes in four different varieties. Fruity was fab, but I think Frosted may be my favorite. If you’re dieting and craving more crunch, try this immediately.

RXBARs (Lemon, Chocolate Cherry, Banana Chocolate Walnut)

I’m starting to think that all RXBARs are beginning to taste the same, but diehards like Taylor will appreciate these three new flavor iterations. It seemed like Banana Chocolate Walnut was our favorite across the board (most likely due to its ingredient complexity), but chances are likely that you’ll crave them all. Keep it up, RX! (And please make gingerbread permanent, k thx.)

Cascadian Farm Honey Toasted Kernza Cereal

Cascadian Farm has gone above and beyond to be environmentally conscious with its products, which is something anyone can appreciate. Their latest cereal, Honey Toasted Kernza, aims to offset the effects of global warming by using the whole grain in place of wheat. This perennial plant not only protects soil from erosion, but improves its structure with deep roots. These roots also hold a significant amount of carbon, and because they aren’t tilled every year and require reseeding, limit airborne emissions that breakdown the ozone layer. The great news: These also tastes delicious, but quantities are extremely limited, so you’ll have to make a donation through the link above. That being said, get excited for what the future holds!

SimplyProtein Baked Bars (Peanut Butter Cookie)

We wanted to dislike these (because how many more protein bars are we going to get?), but they were seriously yummy. We’re also huge fans of their nutritional breakdown, which touts whole grains, tons of fiber, and an extremely low sugar content. For those looking to swap out their unhealthy granola bars, this is definitely the one for you!

Lorissa’s Kitchen Turkey Jerky (Herb Roasted)

Wow! Imagine a cut of juicy, herb-roasted turkey from the grocery store, but as a jerky. We’re really impressed with Lorissa’s Kitchen’s ability to capture the familiar flavors of dinner and put it in snack form. In fact, it had us craving a full Thanksgiving dinner. Who’s got the cranberry jelly?

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