Game of Thrones glasses, goblets, and chalices

If you’re a fan of “Game of Thrones,” you may be feeling mixed emotions about the final season, which premieres on April 14. We understand if you need a drink—whether you’re celebrating or attempting to calm your nerves. So we’ve rounded up some “Game of Thrones”-inspired goblets that let you sip in style, and show allegiance to your favorite house while you’re at it. Whether you fill them up with Cersei-approved wine, something stronger (“Game of Thrones” beer and hard alcohol would be great choices, but we’ve also got “Game of Thrones” cocktail recipes)—or just plain old water—you’ll want to hold on tight, because there are sure to be surprises coming in the final episodes. (See how to stream “Game of Thrones” if you don’t have HBO.)

SPOILER WARNING: Read at your own risk if you’re not caught up yet and don’t want to know certain details about the show. And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Lannisters

Design Toscano The King’s Royal Chalice Cup, 2 for $72.90 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones golden goblet wine glass


Ornate, gold, and deep enough to hold a good amount of wine—yep, we’d imagine Cersei would approve of this one. And these are the wines Cersei would drink from them.Buy Now

The Starks

“Game of Thrones” Winter Is Coming Goblet, $40.13 on Amazon

Game of Thrones Stark direwolf goblet Amazon


This official direwolf goblet is pretty fierce, and a great way to pay your respects to the Starks.Buy Now

“Game of Thrones” Weirwood Tree Goblet, $44.31 on Amazon

Game of Thrones weirwood tree goblet Amazon


Or you could go the all-seeing weirwood tree route, if you don’t mind being stared down by your goblet while you drink from it.Buy Now

The Targaryens

Pacific Giftware Double Dragon Heart Goblet, $21.99 on Amazon

Game of Thrones dragon goblet Amazon


This manages to be both romantic and appropriately badass, but it’s backordered right now (with Amazon Prime, though, it should arrive just in time for the premiere!).Buy Now

Pacific Giftware Eye of the Dragon Fantasy Chalice, $24.99 on Amazon

Game of Thrones dragon eye goblet Amazon


One more for Daenerys fans (or for those who just like the dragons), with a more abstract design.Buy Now

Dragon Scale Tumbler, $34 on Etsy

SewNerdyGifts Etsy dragon scale goblet

Sew Nerdy Gifts/Etsy

Yes, traditional goblets have stems, but as the clumsy among us know, stemless cups are much more stable—and this one looks like a shimmering, scaly dragon egg to boot.Buy Now

The White Walkers

Ossuary Style Skeleton Goblet, $9.99 on Amazon (was $29.99)

Game of Thrones White Walker skeleton goblet Amazon


If you’re rooting for the army of the dead (or maybe are just into a general goth aesthetic), this skeletal goblet might strike your fancy.Buy Now

Game of Thrones Limited Edition Viserion White Walker Goblet, $49.99 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones White Walker ice dragon goblet


Or make it official with this licensed, limited-edition goblet memorializing one of the most shocking moments from last season: the creation of an ice dragon. (There’s also a dragon skeleton option…)Buy Now

The Greyjoys

Octopus Spirit Decorative Antique Bronze Finish Statue and Glass Decanter Set, $109 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones Greyjoy octopus decanter


The Greyjoys are a dismal bunch, and they probably don’t sit around sipping a lot of wine. Shots seem more their style. But you certainly don’t have to be a follower of the Drowned God to appreciate this pick.Buy Now

Custom Color Octopus Goblets, 2 for $49 on Etsy

custom made octopus goblets on Etsy

Cthulhu for You/Etsy

If you would rather have full-size glasses, these handmade octopus goblets are just the thing. You can choose your favorite colors for both the body and the eyes, from stormy sea shades to pre-Joffrey Sansa shades of pink.Buy Now

The Tyrells

Copper Rose Engraved Goblet, $9.70 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones copper rose goblet Highgarden


Pour one out for the Queen of Thorns (an OG til the end), and raise a glass to Margaery (she tried)—even better if it’s adorned with a rose for Highgarden. But do take note: this one is tiny.Buy Now

The Reeds

Greenman Goblet, $15.99 on Amazon

Amazon tree face goblet


The Reeds don’t get as much attention as some other Westeros families, but they were the ones who led Bran to The Three-Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest; coincidentally, this is probably about how old Bran will look when the final season starts.Buy Now

The Baratheons

English Pewter Company Rocks Glasses with Pewter Deer Head, 2 for $79.95 on Amazon

Amazon English Pewter Company deer head whiskey glass


Another one that’s not technically a goblet, but you can’t quibble with the stately stag head adorning the glass being a perfect tribute to the Baratheon clan.Buy Now

Vintage Pewter Goblet, $18 on Etsy

vintage pewter deer elk goblet Etsy

Antiques Quality/Etsy

If you want a classy stag-accented goblet, well, this also doesn’t exactly fit the bill, as the animal on it is an elk—but close enough! (Probably not for the ever-pedantic Stannis Baratheon, but we’ll allow it.)Buy Now

The Wildlings

Ale Horn, $34.99 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones ale horn


Wildling style makes generous use of bones and such; and can’t you just see Tormund Giantsbane drinking ale from this horn (while making eyes at Brienne)? It’s not quite a goblet, but almost there.Buy Now

The Sands

Bowl of Hygieia Snake Chalice, $29.92 on Etsy

Etsy Game of Thrones snake goblet


The Sand Snakes may have been cringe-inducing, but they’ve got style, as does this chalice (which is actually a symbol of a Greek goddess). If you prefer a more traditional wine glass, check out these hand-painted snake glasses.Buy Now

The Red Woman (aka Melisandre)

Red Glass Goblets, 6 for $49.99 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones red goblet


Is your kitchen cupboard dark and full of terrors (in the form of old, tired drinking glasses)? Get this set of lovely, vintage-inspired crimson goblets Melisandre would probably happily sip from. They could even make a nice (red) wedding gift…Buy Now

For the General Fan

“I Drink and I Know Things” Wine Glass (and Beer Glass), $24.99 on Amazon

Amazon Game of Thrones glass "I drink and I know things"


Only care about Tyrion? You’re not alone. This set of glasses (one for wine and one for beer) bears one of his most iconic lines, but won’t be back in stock until April 26.Buy Now

Check out lots more official Game of Thrones merch here (including more goblets, plus tankards and steins in case you prefer ale). And if you want to mix things up, get some “Game of Thrones” drink recipes to pour into your new cup!

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