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Cauliflower snack” may not sound exciting, but that’s only if you haven’t tried these plant-based healthy snacks before. Below, the three best cauliflower snacks we’ve tried so far.

Cruise down the aisles of your local grocery store and cauliflower is seemingly everywhere. Not just in the produce or frozen food section (let’s not forget the time Trader Joe’s started rationing its wildly popular cauli rice) but in the snack food aisles too. Cauliflower has officially become the swap in for pasta and pizza crust for the carb conscious and now it appears it’s taking down the potato chip too.

Makes sense as cauliflower is packed with folate, Vitamin C, K, and B6 and when seasoned and roasted properly is undeniably delicious. But if you’re not near an oven, and need to satiate your craving for something crisp, crunchy, and maybe a little salty, these cauliflower snacks we’ve tried below are doing a pretty good job of killing our hangry spells.

Veganrob’s Cauliflower Puffs (12-Pack), $29.67 from Amazon


Cauliflower is essentially a blank canvas that takes on seasoning in a way no other vegetable quite does. And that’s where the Jackson Pollock of cauliflower snacks comes in. If you haven’t become formally acquainted with this probiotic-heavy, vegetable-based snack that actually packs a flavor wallop, you are in for a very serious treat. We can confidently say these are as good—maybe even better—than potato chips, which we know sounds like wellness BS but it’s the truth. Also? These puffs are non-GMO, kosher, and gluten-free. We’ll pause so you can complete your purchase.Buy Now

From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers (6-Pack), $22.50 from Amazon


This is cauliflower essentially reinventing the Cheez-It. These bite-sized crackers look, feel, and, we’re happy to report, taste like the delicious cracker you’re craving when staring into the abyss that is your empty pantry. A serving size is 40 pieces (which feels generous, but you will be consuming by the fistful), and will clock in at 18g of carbs and 100 calories. Plus, you get Vitamins A, D, E, C, B6, and B1 which all ring in at 10 percent per serving size.Buy Now\

Cauliflower Crisps by Hippie Snacks (4-Pack), $19.99 from Amazon


Here’s a universal scenario: It’s late afternoon, and, surprise, you’re hungry. But in quarantine, it’s easy to over-snack, so you’re probably at least attempting to not stuff your face with sugar at 3:00 p.m. Which is why Hippie Snacks’ latest innovation is sort of a godsend in these potential moments of weakness. (You may already know about the brand’s Avocado Crisps and Coconut Clusters.) What you’ll get from these thin little crisps is the obvious health benefits of cauliflower, zero gluten, and a salty hit, which we can credit to the light sprinkling of sea salt and sesame seeds if you opt for the original flavor. We have to admit, we’re also big fans of the Ranch version—a near pitch-perfect combination of onion, garlic, dill, chive, and pepper.Buy Now

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