"Ruby on Rails" strawberry cocktail with Pimm's No. 1
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Everything on Valentine’s Day needs to be extra special, which means if you’re planning on preparing a boozy beverage for your significant other, pouring the familiar old standards just won’t do. You’ll need to go above and beyond your everyday drink offerings, and these Cupid-approved additions are sure to do the trick.

Scrappy’s Chocolate Cocktail Bitters, $17.86 on Amazon

Scrappy's chocolate bitters

Scrappy’s Bitters/Facebook

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day are a lovely pairing, especially when it comes to cocktails.  While there are a number of chocolate liqueurs on the market, serving up a thick, milky brown beverage doesn’t exactly scream sensuality. Thankfully, these handcrafted small-batch chocolate bitters from Scrappy’s provide just the right amount of cocoa enhancement to elegant offerings like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned.See It  

Combier Liqueur de Rose, $34.99 at K&L Wines

Combier rose liqueur


This unique offering from Combier checks off several romantic boxes: It’s pink in color, French in origin, and made from actual rose petals hand-picked from the Loire Valley. The liqueur’s sweet floral notes will help liven up a glass of Champagne or a classic martini.See It

Strawberry Cocktail Caviar, $19.99 on Total Wine

strawberry cocktail caviar

Cocktail Caviar

Class up your beverage with a dollop of caviar—strawberry-flavored, not the fish egg variety. These vodka-infused gelatin spheres provide a fun and fruity explosion to a glass of white wine or some bubbly. You can also simply indulge straight from the jar—mother of pearl spoon not required.See It  

Edible Flowers (prices vary), Gourmet Sweet Botanicals

Gourmet Sweet Botanicals

A bouquet of roses is all well and good, but why not have your flowers and eat them too? Gourmet Sweet Botanicals offers an impressive selection of edible flowers that frankly won’t add much in the flavor department but will go a long way in amping up that visual wow factor.  Keep things simple with some rose petals for a Champagne showstopper or opt for an assortment of tiki cocktail-bound orchids that will transport you back to your Hawaiian honeymoon.See It

Luxardo Maraschino Cherries, 2 jars for $35.95 at Williams Sonoma

Luxardo maraschino cherries

Williams Sonoma

There’s nothing wrong with dropping a Maraschino cherry into your cocktail, but forget those bright red artificially colored and flavored abominations, especially on a day like the 14th of February. Opt instead for a jar of the original Maraschinos from Luxardo. The famed Italian brand uses dark and dense marasca cherries that are tiny yet pack plenty of flavor. The cherries and accompanying syrup are all-natural without the use of preservatives. Such high quality comes at a price, but it’s worth every penny.  (Also available on Amazon.)See It

Heart-Shaped Ice Trays, 4 for $10.99 on Amazon

heart shaped ice cube molds

Fairly Odd Novelties/Amazon

Normally having a cold heart on Valentine’s Day would be frowned upon, but here is an exception. This rubber tray is flexible for easy popping and has the capacity for 14 heart-shaped ice cubes.See It

Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur (price varies), Drizly

Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur

Domaine de Canton/Facebook

If you’re hoping to spice things up on Valentine’s Day, consider adding Domaine de Canton to the mix. The complex liqueur made with Chinese baby ginger, Tahitian vanilla beans, and French cognac provides a welcome addition of sweet heat to a variety of cocktails including a next-level Moscow Mule.See It  

Honey Simple Syrup, $12.99 at Hudson & Lee

Hudon and Lee honey simple syrup

Hudson & Lee/Facebook

If you want to give your honey a little honey on V-Day, North Carolina-based Hudson & Lee has you covered. Their all-natural simple syrup is made from four ingredients: water, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and, of course, honey. Use it to add a sweet touch to a margarita or in a Bees Knees if you want to take things back to the Prohibition Era.

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