niki rothman shares a method for a sort-of cheater’s cassoulet made with the trimmings from a leftover roast duck: Put the duck, including all skin, fat, and bones, in a pot with water and bay leaves, and let simmer a while to make a stock. Then take the duck out and add dry white beans, such as flageolet or canellini, to the stock to cook. Meanwhile, discard all but the meat from the duck, and set meat aside. When the beans are halfway cooked, add some red wine, the duck meat, and a mirepoix of chopped onions, carrots, celery with leaves, and garlic. Half an hour before the beans are fully cooked, throw in some chopped garlicky sausage. When the cassoulet is done cooking, add chopped flat leaf parsley, spread breadcrumbs over the top, and pop it in the oven until they brown. If you use leftover Chinese roast duck, be sure it’s not too heavy on five-spice flavor. You can use the same method with leftover roast goose.

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‘Instant’ Cassoulet–Perfect Use for Roast Duck Trimmings

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