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Holiday gifting is often a balancing act between want and need. While there’s obvious logic in giving someone something practical, something they need, I think we can all agree it’s more fun (and arguably more in line with the spirit of the season) to come up with something that they would genuinely want. Something that’s more of an indulgence, a luxury they might not otherwise afford themselves.

And what more indulgent gift is there to give a foodie than something which supports and enables their ultimate culinary guilty pleasures? Here are nine ideas to get you started.

Roccbox Pizza Oven, $600 at Williams Sonoma

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven


It’s tough out there for a Neapolitan pizza-obsessive: The options to indulge in their favorite comfort food at home are second-rate, at best. The conventional kitchen oven isn’t exactly up to the task—neither is your grill, for that matter—and the delicate pies obviously don’t stand up well to the jostled travel of takeout or delivery. Enter the Roccbox Pizza Oven: Your opportunity to give them the perfect gift this holiday (and, even better, guarantee a lot of tasty pizza in your future). This portable, stone-floor pizza oven—with both a wood and gas burner—is capable of baking a legit Neapolitan pie in just 90 seconds. And, bonus, it also doubles as an outdoor oven/grill perfect for making flatbreads and wood-roasting meat and veggies.See It

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale, $99 on Amazon

Perfect Drink PRO Smart Scale and cocktail app bartending system


If your loved one’s idea of culinary indulgence is a perfect Manhattan at the end of a long day, then this clever tool should be at the top of your shopping list this gift-giving season. The tech-savvy scale works in cahoots with its app to tell you just how much to pour of what and when so that you mix up flawless cocktails every time. Experiment with the over 400 recipes in the app, or create and save your own. Time to ditch the measuring pours and stock up the bar.See It

Sagra Deluge 16” Cascading Chocolate Fountain, $80 on Amazon

Sagra Deluge 16” Cascading Chocolate Fountain


You could get your chocoholic bestie a fancy box of chocolates for Christmas. Or, you could step up to the plate and get them what they really want/didn’t even know they needed: a cascading chocolate fountain capable of circulating up to four pounds of the good stuff. If you’re not already making a list of all the sweet treats that could benefit from a molten chocolate bath—brownie squares, fresh fruit, waffle bites, marshmallows…—there’s something seriously wrong with you.See It

Cuisinart “Mix It In” Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, $70 on Amazon

Cuisinart “Mix It In” Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker


Got someone on your list who loves to indulge their inner (fat) kid? Look no further than this charming, nostalgia-inducing soft-serve machine. Not only can it make a quart and a half of ice cream in just 20 minutes, but the unit also includes a three-compartment dispenser for mix-ins (because toppings are life) and even has a dedicated built-in area for holding a stack of cones. Seriously, how do you not scream for this ice cream machine?See It

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker, $300 on Amazon

Char-Broil Deluxe Digital Electric Smoker


There are the casual barbecue fanatics who enjoy firing up the grill every now and then in the summer, and then there are those enthusiasts who aspire to a blue ribbon pitmaster level of greatness. If you’re friends with someone who sounds like they belong in Group B, consider making their ‘cue dreams a reality with this easy-to-clean, temperature-controlled electric smoker. With enough interior rack space to smoke meats for eight or more people, it’s the gift that will likely give back to you in the form of a finger-lickin’-good feast among friends.See It

Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer, $55 on Amazon

Hamilton Beach home deep fryer


Fried guilty pleasure items like crispy fried chicken, golden-brown fries, crunchy onion rings, and airy beignets are often pegged as the lazy man’s food of choice—the thing you pick up in a bag from a takeout window. So at the very least if you gift someone a fryer they have to put in work to get their indulgence on.See It

Weston French Fry Cutter, $25-$100 at Williams Sonoma

Weston French Fry Cutter


You know what’s better than buying your junk food-loving loved one a deep fryer? Buying them a commercial-quality French fry cutter to go with it. Because, honestly, what good is having the ability to make next-level fried chicken if you can’t serve it with a side of make perfectly-shaped, homemade fries?See It

Electric Raclette Maker, $140 at Williams Sonoma

Electric Raclette Maker


A fondue set isn’t the only gift you can give someone who’s obsessed with smothering gooey melted cheese over everything they’re eating Also a perfect fit: a raclette machine. (For the uninitiated, raclette is both the name of a type of cow’s milk cheese and a classic Swiss dish in which said cheese is broiled and served over potatoes and charcuterie.) Perfect for dinner parties, this multitasking tool is outfitted with a broiler and single-serve trays for the cheese, as well as a granite grill top upon which to cook savory accompaniments like veggies and sausage.See It

PicoBrew Beer Brewing Appliance, $290 on Amazon

PicoBrew Beer Brewing Appliance (countertop craft beer brewing machine)


What sounds like a cooler gift option: buying your craft beer-obsessed friend a couple of their favorite six-packs or buying them a machine that literally brews their favorite beers for them at home? (Yeah, that was a softball.) Basically the beer equivalent of a Keurig coffee machine, this clever device yields five litres of beer from each of its custom grain and hops “paks” (of which there are nearly 200 to choose from).See It

Breville “The Control Freak” Smart Cooker, $1800 at Williams Sonoma

Breville “The Control Freak” Smart Cooker induction cooktop burner


While perhaps not as obvious a choice as giving your food-loving friend an ice cream maker or pizza oven, this ingenious, state-of-the-art induction burner has the ability to hold nearly 400 different temperatures ranging from 86 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Which means it gives them the power to do everything from the perfect low-and-slow cook on their favorite fondue, easily sous-vide eggs for an over-the-top benedict brunch, make caramel sauce for ice cream sundae night, and deep-fry anything their heart desires. All of that power in one, small portable appliance. So long special sous-vide wand, mini deep-fryer, and counter space-consuming crock pot!See It

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