T.G.I.F.! We’re not sure what’s in the summer air, but this week had us tired, stressed, and hangry. To quell the latter, we were relieved to find a delicious selection of new food products to sample on our Taylor Strecker Show Chub Chub Chowdown segment. From breakfast foods to bubbly bevs, here are our unfiltered thoughts and opinions on this week’s lineup.

Kyla Hard Kombucha (Ginger Tangerine)

All kombucha naturally contains a small amount of alcohol (thanks to the fermentation process), but we are screaming (in a good way) about this variety’s 4.5 percent ABV and all-around deliciousness. In fact, making cocktails with healthy mixers is pretty much our new favorite thing. They cancel each other out and it’s all math/science, right? Right. At least that’s what makes us sleep at night. Or maybe that’s just the vodka.

Chef’s Cut Korean Barbecue Chicken Jerky

Jerky can be judged in two categories: taste and texture. This Korean Barbecue variety more than delivers on both criteria, offering a soft, sweet, and salty snack that’s jam-packed with protein. If being jerky-obsessed makes us cavemen, then bring on the stone club, dinosaurs, and tooth-adorned jewelry so we can yabba-dabba-do our way to the grocery store for more jerky.

Wünder Quark

Who’d a thunk that warming sour milk could produce a breakfast food that rivals Greek yogurt, both in taste and nutrition? Wünder, clearly, and they’ve introduced flavors like matcha and coffee that you just don’t see in many dairy sections. This is a brand to get on your radar because we imagine they have more innovative creations curdling as we speak.

Siggi’s Simple Sides

We’re huge fans of Siggi’s signature skyr, especially its tart and creamy bite, but we’re not entirely sure we love the flavor combinations of its new Simple Sides line. First and foremost, they are super late to the game, conceptually speaking. Pairing yogurt isn’t novel, and while we appreciate their more health-forward toppings like cacao nibs, figs, and walnuts, they seem like more of an afterthought than a star. We’ll pass on these, for now, but will forever keep their standard lemon variety in our breakfast line-up. It’s a fav.

Straight Up Tea

It’s typically impossible to find bottled teas that don’t possess the faint aftertaste of preservatives, but these teas (in sweet, sorta sweet, and unsweetened flavors) are quite refreshing and can be catered around any dietary preferences. That being said, it’s also just tea, which isn’t the most exciting thing on earth.

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