Happy Friday! We’re patting ourselves on the back after batting a thousand during this morning’s Taylor Strecker Show Chub Chub Chowdown segment. It’s a rare occasion when we’re not gagging on something two minutes into a taste test, so we either picked extremely well this week or food companies are finally getting us. Let’s hope it’s the latter!

Here’s a round-up of what we tried:

Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops

We’ll preface our review by saying that Sour Patch Kids are probably the best candy of all time. It’s entirely too easy to kill a bag in one sitting and nothing compares to the sour/sweet flavor profile that our palates so constantly crave. If you’re expecting these popsicles to taste anything like the beloved snack, you’ll be sorely disappointed. These aren’t sour. At all. And while they certainly taste good, it’s a case of false advertising. Searching for childhood nostalgia? Look elsewhere. Searching for a quick frozen treat? These will do the trick. But please don’t call them Sour Patch Kids. They’re more like Sour Patch Stepchildren.

Blue Bunny Mini Swirls (Mint Cookie Crunch)

This may go down as one of our favorite frozen treats in taste-test history. At only 150 calories, the mini Drumstick-esque cones are delightfully complex and multi-layered, boasting rich ice cream, cookie crunchies, a chocolate shell, chocolate cone, and decadent fudge center. It was actually difficult to discuss them because we were so busy consuming them. Good on you, Blue Bunny. Good. On. You.

Julie’s Real Grain-Free Granola (Cacao Coconut)

If you’re following a paleo diet (why?) and have eliminated grains from your diet (again, why?), Julie’s Real is an excellent alternative to satisfy those pesky granola cravings at breakfast. It’s hard to believe that their plastic pouches are predominantly a blend of chopped nuts held together by honey, but Julie clearly knows what she’s doing by offering a Crossfit-approved take on what has become an American diet staple. We give these two caveman thumbs up.

Rule Breaker Chickpea Cookies (Birthday Cake)

If there’s one thing we value most in a late-afternoon dessert indulgence, it’s texture. They say a moment on the lips may be a lifetime on the hips, but we’ll savor that moment if it’s a soft and gooey cookie. At the end of the day, Rule Breaker Chickpea Cookies are still 240-calorie sweet with a somewhat high sugar content (tapioca syrup vs. sugar, though), but they rely solely on chickpeas, arrowroot powder, and other plant-based ingredients to create a bold-tasting, super soft, and adorably packaged confection. We also really appreciate the fact that they’re individually wrapped, otherwise we could probably down 10 in one sitting.

Flavabar Chocolate (Crystallized Ginger and Saigon Cinnamon)

We’ve all heard about the health properties of dark chocolate, but Flavabar kicks things up a notch by touting an insane amount of immunity-boosting and antioxidant-rich Flavanoids as part of their bars. Their ginger and cinnamon offering is a star, combining two of our favorite spicy flavors into God’s best gift to mankind: chocolate. Our only complaint is that these bars tend to dry out your mouth, leaving you with a bitter aftertaste. Considering all the health benefits, it’s something we’re willing to excuse.

Oltialia Drinking Vinegar (Cherry)

Drinking vinegars are all the rage, though most utilize an apple cider variety combined with a fruit juice blend. Olitalia incorporates balsamic into its bottle and allows you to customize the strength of the beverage by simply adding it to water. This gut-friendly and immunity-boosting mix also pairs well with cocktails, making it your new “healthy” go-to drink during an office happy hour or BFF birthday party. Bottoms ups.

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