Not all record-breaking pizzas are physically large. Some are mightier in other ways. Sure, Los Angeles may be home to the world’s longest pizza (it was 7,000 feet long, to be exact!) and Southgate, Michigan may have welcomed the largest ever delivery pizza, but Germany takes the cake, (er, we  mean pie) in a more conceptual, and probably tastier way. Because they just cooked the world’s cheesiest pizza.

The pizza was concocted by an American chef at Berlin’s Vadoli Pizzeria and it contains a whopping 111 types of cheese! We didn’t even know that many kinds of cheese existed, but now that we do, we want to try them all. Because, no matter what the context, you can never have enough cheese. Never!

When combined, all of the varieties weighed a hefty 288.6 grams—that works out to 2.6 grams of each type of cheese, which the chef carefully measured out. The most amazing part is that the pizza isn’t even particularly large. From afar, it looks like a totally average pie. We can’t imagine how dense this thing must be. See for yourself below:

Guinness World Records

According to Guinness World Records, the pizza included “mozzarella, Emmental, Leicestershire red, Comté and Raclette de Chèvre,” among 106 other types of cheese. Once Guinness officially confirmed the record for “greatest variety of cheese on a pizza,” they served the gooey pie, along with nine others, at a celebratory event. One lucky eater, dairy specialist Martina Loeser had this to say about its taste, “crunchy and cheesy—each piece tastes different!”

This boundary-pushing pie definitely puts Germany on the map for pizza lovers. And at the very least, it puts our classic four-cheese order to shame. Next time we try baking a pie, we may even experiment and buy out the entire dairy aisle for our pizza topping needs.

Header image courtesy of Guinness World Records.

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