One need only look to literature to understand that the humble egg is one of those sweet mysteries of life capable of inspiring rapturous emotions. From the classic novel “The Secret Garden”: “In the garden there was nothing which was not quite like themselves—nothing which did not understand the wonderfulness of what was happening to them—the immense, tender, terrible, heart-breaking beauty and solemnity of eggs.” From “The Hobbit”: “A box without hinges, key, or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” And by author Ron Brackin: “Contrary to popular belief, diamond is not the hardest material known to man. The hardest material in the universe is dried egg yolk. And one day, it will revolutionize the construction industry.”

While that last bit might not seem that it was intended to be flattering, I would argue that it is. For it is the magical adhesive structure of the egg’s yolk that makes possible one of its greatest culinary expressions (egg-spressions?): the deviled egg. The egg white is the pedestal. Bound with mayonnaise, the yolk becomes the very mortar capable of suspending all manner of accoutrements into revolutionary, edible trophies. You can turn any meal into a deviled egg; and, arguably, any deviled egg into a meal.


Sugar Spun Run

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it goes without saying that one must first master a basic presentation before moving on. Actually, there’s an inherent simplicity to deviled egg preparation so you can probably just do whatever you want, but this is a great classic recipe with a little pickle juice thrown in for pizzazz. Get the recipe.

Steak and Eggs

Did someone say pizzazz? Nothing says decadence quite like steak and eggs for breakfast. But why stop at breakfast? Why stop at all? Get our Horseradish Deviled Eggs with Seared Steak and Blue Cheese recipe.

Mac and Cheese

The Food in My Beard

At first glance you almost don’t even notice it’s not a traditional deviled egg, so seamless is this combination. America’s favorite comfort food atop America’s favorite picnic food. What a time to be alive! Get the recipe.


Love and Duck Fat

I said any meal, and I meant it. Wasabi and matcha powder unite for a vibrantly verdant outcome. Get the recipe.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

Homemade Interest

Speaking of green, here’s an egg-cellent use for any St. Patty’s Day leftovers! Erin go bragh! Get the recipe.

Bagels and Lox

KItchen Konfidence

I have a tremendous amount of respect for this recipe, which doesn’t simply stop at everything seasoning, but finds a way to put the whole everything bagel right in the yolk. (Well, maybe not the entire bagel, but you get the idea.) Get the recipe.


A perfect addition to a classy Easter or brunch buffet; aromatic with basil and studded with vegetables, these are the very herald of springtime. Get our Pistou Deviled Eggs with Ratatouille recipe.

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Kitchn

“Bring it,” says the mighty egg yolk, staring down all of that leftover turkey, stuffing, and cranberry. Okay, to be fair, this recipe is more about evoking those flavors than piling them all in, but don’t think for a minute that the egg yolk couldn’t do it. Get the recipe.

Tex Mex

Coupon Clipping Cook

The simple hard-boiled egg is a perfect palate for all of these fresh, savory, and spicy components. Get the recipe.

Salad Bar

A genius, interactive, DIY approach to deviled egg construction. Let your friends believe they are the masterminds. Get the recipe.


All the spicy, sweet, and umami goodness of everyone’s (read: my,) favorite takeout perfectly encapsulated in half an egg. All that, plus a crunchy fried shallot because the universe wants us to be happy. Get the recipe.



*A single tear formed in the corner of her eye, until it became heavy and rolled delicately down her cheek. She had to look away, for the beauty was too much to bear.* Get the recipe.

Shrimp Creole

Katie’s Cucina

Maybe you missed Mardi Gras, but that’s no reason you can’t get some South in your mouth with minimal fuss at any time of year. Get the recipe.

Greek Salad

Incredible Egg

Yes. Absolutely. Without a doubt. Of course. Now pass me a breath mint. Get the recipe.

Hot Chicken

My Recipes

The chicken and the egg! No need to determine which came first when you’re putting them in your mouth together. Get the recipe.

Bacon Cheeseburgers

Remember when I got emotional about the pizza deviled egg? Yeah. Now I’m really sobbing. Get the recipe.

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Jessica Gavin

If your initial reaction to this recipe was, “wait, spinach artichoke dip isn’t a meal,” then you may want to reconsider your life choices. Until then, we can never be friends IRL. Get the recipe.

Bloody Mary


Ditto. Get the recipe.

Pamela Vachon is a freelance writer based in Astoria, NY whose work has also appeared on CNET, Cheese Professor, Alcohol Professor, and Diced. She is also a certified sommelier, voiceover artist, and an avid lover of all things pickled or fermented.
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