Most of us welcome free pizza. We’re guessing Guido Grolle did at first too. But after the 100th pie arrived at this German lawyer’s doorstep, he got fed up. In what’s one of the most bizarre and severe cases of pizza stalking we’ve ever heard of, Grolle has been enduring an onslaught of tomato and mozzarella goodness for over a month and, worst of all, he has no idea who is behind it.

Order UpThe Best Frozen Pizzas You Can Have DeliveredWhile no one knows the person or reason for Grolle’s takeout bombardment, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. The amount of pizza he’s received has reached well into the triple digits. He’s also gotten orders of sushi, sausage, and Greek food anonymously delivered. At least his secret admirer has good taste?

Grolle has pressed charges and local police are investigating this mysterious influx of food. But supposedly it’s gotten so bad that the first deliveries of the day arrive at the crack of dawn, and even interrupt his morning showers. Grolle told German newspaper Ruhr Nachrichten that “it’s so irritating, I don’t even get my work done anymore.” When there’s that much pizza around, who could?

On the plus side, the food has all been free. But you can only eat so many slices in a day. And stalking of any kind is never cool, even if it entails a plethora of junk food. At least there haven’t been any messages or threats beyond the hundreds of pizzas at his doorstep. Though it’s hard to imagine the copious amounts of food he’s received escalating to larger heights. Can the gift of free food even be viewed as malicious harassment? I have so many questions.

If the takeout culprit just happens to be reading this, mind sending some food our way? Pretty please, with peppers and onions on top? We’ll beg you to never, ever stop.

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