Death isn’t the most appetizing thing to think about. But one funeral home is helping to change that perception. The Krause Funeral Home in Brookfield, Wisc. is hosting a pizza party! The “Pizza & Preplan” promotional event is designed to entice younger folks to discuss and plan their future funeral wishes. The promise of free food always negates morbidity, of course.

Pied and Gone to HeavenThe Best Frozen Pizzas You Can Order Online“Enjoy free pizza on us as we discuss how preplanning your funeral helps ease the emotional and financial burden for you and your family,” the funeral home’s ad reads. Who are we to turn down that offer? Think of it as the baby boomer equivalent of “Netflix and Chill”—an entertaining pretense for something you just want to get over with. (Because sex and death are never as romantic as we imagine.)

The one-day only event takes place today, Jan. 30. And if it’s anything like last year’s, it should be a huge success. Over 100 people showed up to talk about their impending mortality over a slice of tomato pie.

As far as gimmicks go, it’s a pretty good one. Free pizza is always a good incentive, and if it gets people talking about a normally taboo, but totally natural part of life (you know, the ending), we’re all for it.

There are still some pizza and death-related services we’re pining for though. There’s got to be someone who will turn your funeral into an actual pizza party—every will should come with that caveat! Or more impossibly, what if there was a way to ensure your customized pizza preferences carried into the afterlife. We’ll put in an order for four cheese, extra thin, crispy crust and olives, please. Of course, we’re assuming people in the bad place are stuck with pineapple for an eternity. Is there a fate worse than that?

Header image courtesy of Krause Funeral Home.

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