Cheese tea. That’s right, cheese in tea. That may not sound like an ideal combination, but hear us out. This is the beverage everyone will be clamoring for at your local coffee shop come 2018. It’s already a huge phenomenon in many parts of Asia. In China, Malaysia, and Taiwan it’s got Cronut levels of hype behind it too. Seriously, people wait in line for hours for this drink, so it can’t taste half bad, right?  .

So what exactly does cheese tea taste like? Most cheese teas consist of fruit or green teas topped with a layer of cream cheese foam. Some also include condensed milk or a pinch of salt to add another dimension of sweetness or tartness to the proceedings. It’s almost like an extra-thick frappe, except made with tea and liquid cheesecake. What’s not to love?

It may seem as odd a combination as previously thought, but here comes the weird part. The two separate layers are not meant to be combined. So don’t you dare even think about swirling your tea with a straw. Cheese tea purists insist on drinking the beverage by holding the cup at an acute angle, ensuring you get equal parts tea and cream in your mouth. That way you experience two distinct flavors and textures in a row.

It’s only a matter of time before America catches up. And some lucky parts of the country already have access to this creamy drink. Happy Lemon, a tea stand in Queens, New York recently started selling the beverage earlier this year and its been blowing the minds of all who drink it.

Given cheese tea’s overseas success, it makes sense that it’s starting to make waves stateside. It also finally gives bubble tea a well-needed nemesis, or at least some friendly competition for those looking to expand their palates. As an added bonus, it’ll leave you with a styling milk moustache as well!

Header image courtesy of Happy Lemon.

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