You don’t have to climb aboard the USS Enterprise to experience a food tour that’s out of this world. In fact, most of space’s drool-worthy (and downright repulsive) dishes can be replicated right here on planet Earth. In celebration of CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Discovery premiere on Sunday, September 24, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cuisine from the show and accompanied it with quick, easy-to-make recipes. From booze and stews to bread and berries, no Star Trek delicacy has been left unturned. So brew a cup of tea…Early Grey…hot…and get scrolling.

Romulan Ale


We’re not sure if the starship captains had blue-curaçao on hand to create this drink’s signature color, but it certainly delivers on the getting drunk part. Cheers! Get the recipe.

Bolian Tomato Soup


There may be 14 varieties available from the replicator, but nothing beats hot, plain tomato soup. HOT, PLAIN TOMATO SOUP, we said. Get the recipe.

Regova Eggs


Consider these a healthier alternative to traditional Regova eggs. Rather than a dye-infused green shell, we’ve adorned these with heart-friendly asparagus wedges. Get the recipe.

Oskoid Salad


Radicchio may not contain a sap that will keep you warm, but this purple-hued winter salad, mixed with a honey vinaigrette, should keep you toasty during the cooler months. Get the recipe.

Mapa Bread

The Cafe Sucre Farine

You’re going to need a round, white loaf to dunk into that tomato soup. You’re also going to need a round, white loaf for pretty much every meal in life. Get the recipe.


Vegan Yum Yum

Think of this spicy vegan wrap as the Bajoran’s answer to Chipotle. Except with this recipe, guacamole is never extra. Get the recipe.

Klingon Octopus

Cooking LSL

It’s native to Qo’noS and every new restaurant menu in New York City. We’ll take our octopus grilled, please. Get the recipe.

Jumbo Romulan Mollusks


While the original Jumbo Romulan mollusk appears to have rice and egg, we’re pretty sure they wouldn’t turn down this baked oyster variety with bacon, potatoes, and breadcrumbs. Get the recipe.

Ratamba Stew

Food Replicator

This emerald-green, vegetable-heavy concoction can be served over spinach linguine for dinner, or as an assault to noses anywhere. Get the recipe.

Jumja Stick

Happy Hooligans

You’re certainly not getting an overabundance of vitamin C, but these maple syrup confections will satisfy any sweet tooth. Get the recipe.


Taste and Tell Blog

Get your groat on with this dense and irresistible oatmeal cake. We’d top it with syrup of squill, but Mother Earth has only blessed us with maple syrup, honey, and the ever-so-trendy agave nectar. Get the recipe.

Uttaberry Crepe

Cupcakes and Kale Chips

You don’t have to be Benjamin Sisko to crave these blueberry-esque berries at breakfast time. Get the recipe.

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