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We all scream for ice cream! But not everyone can (or chooses to) eat dairy. Luckily, there are quite a few dairy-free ice cream recipes that will not have you missing the real thing.

It’s better to make your dairy-free ice cream at home, because you’ll avoid all of the mystery ingredients found on the labels of many vegan ice cream pints (hint, hint: soy lecithin). You’ll also feel good about not having to Google each ingredient and wonder whether it’s okay to ingest or not.

So, let’s take a minute to appreciate all of the tasty milk alternatives that are on the market these days—from macadamia nut to hemp seed milk, you can really tailor your homemade ice cream to tickle your fancy.

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Don’t have an ice cream maker? Not a problem! Get that blender or food processor out because either one can perform just as well. Below are six recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth; three of which are made with an ice cream maker and three without. Plus a bonus sorbet recipe at the very end.

With an Ice Cream Maker

Butter” Pecan Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Full fat canned coconut milk is a key ingredient when mimicking the true texture of ice cream. This stuff is thick and it freezes well. Not to mention it tastes amazing and will pair nicely with anything from seasonal fruits to roasted nuts. Try this buttery pecan recipe. Get the Butter” Pecan Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

Moose Tracks Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Just because you’re cutting out the cows doesn’t mean you have to cut out the moose tracks. The iconic peanut butter and chocolate flavors that we all know and love are still very feasible. This one incorporates coconut milk (again) with all of your moosey fixins. Get the Moose Tracks Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

Mint Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Another technique in getting a creamy consistency is using an avocado. Not only does the avocado give this mint ice cream its beautiful green color, but it really adds to the smooth and velvety texture of the frozen dessert. Get the Mint Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

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Without an Ice Cream Maker

Double Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream

This recipe uses one of the most well-known ingredients when it comes to dairy-free ice cream: frozen bananas. It’s a quick and easy way to get to the good stuff! Smash them up for this double chocolate recipe that also includes almond milk. Yum! Get the Double Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

Coconut Mango Non-Dairy Ice Cream

All you need for this one is a blender and three simple ingredients: coconut milk, frozen mango, and maple syrup. Feel free to substitute the frozen mango for your favorite fruit (frozen, of course) and get to blending. It’ll be ready to serve after three short hours in the freezer. Get the Coconut Mango Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

Cherry Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Making this cold treat sans an ice cream maker is much easier than it looks. As long as you have an airtight container that you can pop in the freezer, you’re golden. Try this cherry vanilla recipe and add a splash of bourbon if you’re feeling extra frisky. Get the Cherry Vanilla Non-Dairy Ice Cream recipe.

Strawberry Sorbet

Sorbet is every lactose intolerant person’s dream: always refreshing and always free from dairy. This strawberry masterpiece uses techniques from the above recipes and it only has four ingredients…bingo! Get the Strawberry Sorbet recipe.


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