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Winter may have arrived in Westeros, but that’s not going to stop our favorite “Game of Thrones” characters—the ones who are left, anyway—from indulging in their favorite sweets, meats, and goblets upon goblets of various boozes. (Or at least that’s what we assume. Not even a White Walker seems like it’d stand in the way of a Lannister, Stark, or Targaryen and his or her meal.)

A Farewell ToastRaise These 'Game of Thrones' Goblets to the Season FinaleTo mark the upcoming series finale, we revisited our video from last year (above) that highlights some of the interesting cuisine that we’ve encountered in seasons past. From decadent desserts and entrees to no frills campfire delicacies (Ed Sheeran rabbit, anyone?), the food has certainly been unique. Not always in a good way, but memorable for sure. Who can forget the way Tormund Giantsbane ate a chicken leg at Brienne of Tarth?

While waiting to see what the final episode has in store, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable dishes below, along with recipes that you can try for yourself. And if you don’t have HBO, see how to stream “Game of Thrones” so you have something to watch while you nosh.

Lemon Cakes


We envision Sansa’s favorite lemon cakes to look more like lemon-filled Zebra Cakes, but a lemon cupcake with lemon-cream cheese frosting is the modern-day equivalent. And frankly, we’re pretty happy with that. Get the Lemon Cakes recipe.

Kidney Pie (or Steak and Ale Pie)

Braised Beef and Ale Pie recipe


You may be reluctant to try kidney pie, to say nothing of Frey pie, but what if we suggested a dish with tender steak and dark beer (also GOT appropriate)? Does that pie sound so terrible now? If not, get our Short Rib and Ale Pie recipe.

Purple Wedding Pie

mixed berry pie with anise


If you’re not a savory pie person, opt for a cherry or apple pie. Those are probably more up your alley. Or maybe a purple berry pie with a little something extra to commemorate Joffrey’s wedding? Don’t worry; in this case, the secret ingredient is only anise. Get our Mixed Berry and Anise Pie recipe.

Pork Sausage


Sure, its association with the show may send shudders down any man’s spine, but there’s no denying the deliciousness of pork sausage. If you’ve been searching for a homemade variety that you can cut, blend, and grind by hand (we know, we know), try our Bratwurst recipe on for size.

Oysters, Clams, and Cockles


Braavos has its fair share of seafood (just ask Arya) and Westeros has its fair share of wine. Combine the best of both worlds with this oyster dish featuring a prosecco mignonette. You won’t get drunk, but your breath will certainly rival that of a dragon. Get our Oysters with Prosecco Mignonette recipe.

Roast Boar

whole roast suckling pig recipe


Pay homage to the wild boar that did Robert Baratheon in way back in the first season by roasting a whole pig—it’s also just appropriately medieval. Get our Whole Roast Suckling Pig recipe.

Whole Roasted Chickens

Cornish Game Hens with Millet Stuffing


If a whole pig on a platter is a little too much, take a lead from The Hound and chow down on an entire roast chicken instead—in the form of a Cornish game hen unless you’re really hungry. Get our Cornish Game Hens with Millet Stuffing recipe.

Mulled Wine

Smoking Bishop (mulled red wine with port) recipe


There is no “Game of Thrones” menu without wine, and while you can guzzle it straight from the goblet a la Cersei Lannister, winter has been such a watchword throughout the series, why not cozy up with hot mulled wine? It has extra alcohol in the form of port, which we imagine Tyrion could get behind. Get our Smoking Bishop Mulled Red Wine with Port recipe.

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If you want to be a bit less literal (or literary), try some “Game of Thrones”-inspired cocktails, or see which wines Cersei would drink—and get “Game of Thrones” goblets to sip them from while showing your allegiance to your favorite house.

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