If you’re a brunch enthusiast with eggs on the brain, chances are likely you’ve ordered quite a few eggs Benedict in your day. But who knew your favorite breakfast indulgence had such an interesting (and surprising!) history?

What is eggs Benedict?
Sliced English muffins (typically toasted and buttered) topped with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce.

Where did eggs Benedict originate?
The Unites States, though its history is quite complicated. In fact, there are two commonly accepted origins of eggs Benedict that may have happened simultaneously. The first credit is given to Delmonico’s, the country’s first restaurant, in the 1860’s. It is said that a frequent patron by the name of Mrs. LeGrand Benedict couldn’t find anything to order off the menu and asked the chef, Charles Ranhofer, to create something new. The result: Eggs a’ la Benedick, which was published in his cookbook The Epicurean in 1894.

The second credit is given to Lamuel Benedict, a Wall Street broker who ordered “buttered toast, crisp bacon, two poached eggs, and a hooker of hollandaise sauce” to cure a hangover at the Waldorf Hotel. The hotel’s chef, Oscar Tschirky, was apparently so impressed with the ingredient combo that he subbed the bacon for Canadian ham and the toast for English muffins to create an Eggs à la Benedict for his menu.

With inevitable culinary modernization, the classic Benny has been modified and upgraded over the years. One thing, however, has remained a constant: its deliciousness. We’ve rounded up seven variations of the classic recipe below.

1. Classic Eggs Benedict


There’s no messing this one up. And if you do, run the dishwasher and head to your local diner as an alternative. Get our Classic Eggs Benedict recipe.

2. Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict


Smoked salmon makes an unsuspecting, albeit welcomed debut in this version of the timeless classic. Sprinkle with dill to kick things up a notch. Get our Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict recipe.

3. Deviled Eggs Benedict

Yellow Bliss Road

What’s more fun than a deconstructed take on something tried and true? And who doesn’t love a hard-boiled egg? They may be deviled, but these taste heavenly.  Get the recipe.

4. Waffle Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict

Big Flavors, Tiny Kitchen

This flavor combination seems too good to be true. Honestly, you can put pulled pork on anything and we’ll be first in line to eat it. Get the recipe.

5. Eggs Benedict with Bacon, Avodaise (Avocado Hollandaise), and Harissa

Closet Cooking

Bring on the avocado! Who can resist your favorite green in creamy dressing form? Not us. Get the recipe.

6. Eggs Benedict Quiche

Lively Table

Impress your breakfast guests with this French-inspired savory tart. C’est délicieux! Get the recipe.

7. Eggs Benedict Breakfast Bake

Foodtastic Mom

Want to dig right in with minimal mess? Always opt for a bake. It also helps with portion control, but that probably isn’t a concern with this rich dish. Get the recipe.
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