The Futon Critic passes along Bravo’s recent press release announcing the network’s newest way to make its already overwrought website even more difficult to handle.

Had an opinion about Jeffrey’s collection in ‘Project Runway’? Wondering what ‘Top Chef’s’ Carlos was thinking, concocting avocado/bacon-flavored ice cream? Now viewers will have the opportunity to ask their burning questions immediately after their favorite shows. Hosted by Bravo’s own pop culture pundit Andy Cohen, Senior Vice President, Production and Programming and writer of the popular Andy’s Blog on, ‘Watch What Happens’ will be a 20-minute, weekly, live-streaming, online program on Wednesdays at 11PM ET on, immediately following Bravo’s Wednesday night competition reality series. The show kicks off on Wednesday, January 17 at 11PM ET, following the 10PM airing of ‘Top Chef.’

Based on the previews, there’s been a lot of hype and rumors surrounding this week’s episode. What sick and twisted frat prank gone wrong will Cliff and/or Sam pull on poor, bullied Marcel? Will they put his hand in water to make him wet his bed? Will they shave off his Heat Miser coif? I don’t know, but at least I get to log on, attempt to get through the massive traffic, and watch the spinning beachball of doom just so I can ask, “Why are Cliff and Sam such dicks?”

By the way, Bravo really needs to fact-check its own press releases, because Carlos made vanilla bean–avocado–marshmallow ice cream, and it was Marcel who made the avocado-bacon, or, as I called it in my recap, “Cobb Salad Ice Cream.”

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