“Getting to Know Citrus Fruits” is the sawdust-dry headline for an explainer in the January/February edition of Cook’s Country. But there’s something oddly compelling about this collection of tasting notes on everything from the semi-exotic Ugli Fruit to workaday Persian limes.

Like picking up an old hardbound Encyclopedia Britannica and just plowing through the data, reading this periodic table of citrus fruit has a certain kind of wonky sex appeal—it’s nerd catnip.

Blood oranges? “Winy and complex.” Meyer lemons? “Assertively acidic.” Key limes? “Earthy-floral.” The tasting notes are brief, but accompanied by the full-color fruit photos (whole and sliced), they pack a relatively hefty informational wallop.

And if you ever happen to need to know the difference between the taste profiles of tangelos and pummelos, Cook’s Country has you covered.

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