My favorite thing about food is eating it. My second favorite thing about food is looking at dreamy pictures of it. And with all the great food blogs out there, there sure are a lot of mouth-watering food pics floating around.

The minds behind the blogs Becks & Posh and Spittoon have figured out a way to harness this energy with their monthly Foodography contest. Now in its tenth month, Foodography invites food bloggers (and anyone else who can wrangle a kiwi or cappuccino) to submit photos to a dedicated Foodography Flickr group. There’s no prize; instead, posters get a venue for their food shots and constructive critiques from other members.

Past contests have brought museum-worthy photos on topics from “Tools of the Trade” to “Cake,” while October’s homophone-tastic theme is “Pear/Pair/Pare.” The hosts invite armchair stylists to interpret the theme as they wish. Photos will be accepted until sometime around the middle of November.

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