The Associated Press is breaking the news that fry sauce—invented, as its own story discloses halfway down the page, in 1948—is starting to spread from its home base in Utah to other Western states.

The sauce, which is nothing more than a mixture of mayo and ketchup, is intrinsic to the Mormon State’s identity.

‘I think we have fry sauce specifically in Utah. People really correlate that with Salt Lake City,’ [restaurant owner Gary] Roberts said. ‘Jell-O is sold in every state in the nation. You can’t say green Jell-O is synonymous with Utah.’

Nor can you say that green Jell-O is synonymous with making french fries taste totally delicious. The brilliance of fry sauce is that you get the nice spikey tomato sweetness of ketchup, but slightly mellowed out by the full, fatty, lipidtastic goodness of mayonnaise.

A little secret for people living outside of Utah: All you need to do is mix ketchup into a little side dish of mayo until things are tasting awesome, et voilà—homemade fry sauce.

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