Barbecued Portobello Mushrooms with Black Bean and Corn Succotash
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Portobello mushrooms are famously meaty, so they make a great vegetarian main ingredient, whether grilled, roasted, or sauteed. We rounded up our best portobello mushroom recipes for everyone to enjoy, on Meatless Monday and beyond.

If you’ve ever been confused by the question of whether it’s portobello or portabella, they’re the same thing—and these large-scale fungi are actually just grown-up cremini mushrooms. (Specifically, once a cremini gets to be bigger than 4 inches in diameter, it’s called a portobello.)

Now that we’re all clear, here are 9 delicious ways to eat them.

And note that you can also chop portobellos into smaller pieces and use them anywhere button mushrooms or cremini mushrooms are called for, but it’s well worth highlighting the portobello’s larger-than-average cap in big, steak-like slices or by serving it whole.

1. Portobello and Poblano Fajitas

portobello fajita recipe


In this healthy and weeknight-friendly vegetarian fajitas recipe, seared portobello mushrooms and poblano chiles meet guacamole in warm tortillas. Get our Portobello and Poblano Fajitas recipe.

2. Barbecued Portobello Mushrooms with Black Bean and Corn Succotash

grilled portobello recipe


Black bean and corn succotash accompanies barbecued portobello mushrooms in this healthy recipe adapted from Eating Well magazine. Use your favorite BBQ sauce to switch up the flavor. Get our Barbecued Portobello Mushrooms with Black Bean and Corn Succotash recipe.

3. Double-Decker Portobello Burger

portobello burger recipe


Portobello mushrooms are considered the vegetarian stand-in for meat on a burger, even if all the two have in common is being brown, round, and grilled. In this cheesy, double-decker sandwich, a slathering of pesto and a crunchy ciabatta bun add extra flavor and texture, for a truly tasty veggie burger. Get our Double-Decker Portobello Burger recipe.

4. Portobellos Stuffed with French Onion Soup

french onion stuffed mushroom recipe


While sliced onions caramelize on the stove, portobello mushrooms roast and bread cubes toast in the oven. Layer the onions, bread, and some Gruyère cheese in the roasted mushroom caps and broil until golden brown for a fully edible take on French onion soup. Get our Portobellos Stuffed with French Onion Soup recipe.

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5. Baked Eggs with Kale, Portobellos, and Feta

baked eggs with kale and mushrooms


This stylish and substantial baked eggs dish adapted from David Lebovitz is a fine anchor for a civilized brunch, with straight-up Champagne (leave the mimosas for another occasion), an impeccably dressed farmers’ market salad, and buttery toasted levain. Get our Baked Eggs with Kale, Portobellos, and Feta recipe.

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6. Grilled Portobello and Radicchio Salad

grilled mushrooms and radicchio recipe


You’ve seen radicchio and mushrooms served together before. But throwing them on the grill and finishing everything with a sweet balsamic vinegar reduction livens up the bitter radicchio and earthy mushrooms. Try searing them in a skillet if grilling isn’t going to work. Get our Grilled Portobello and Radicchio Salad recipe.

7. Portobello Muffuletta

portobello muffaletta recipe


A traditional muffuletta (or muffaletta) sandwich is usually piled with capicola, salami, and mortadella, but arguably the most important ingredient is the olive salad. Packed with tons of briny olive salad, our vegetarian version of the sandwich is short on meat but not on flavor. Get our Portobello Muffuletta recipe.

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8. Portobello Tacos

portobello taco recipe


These flavorful vegetarian tacos are filled with savory mushrooms, spicy poblano peppers, and sweet onions. A variety of garnishes make this a fun hands-on meal. Super easy, too. Get our Portobello Tacos recipe.

9. Broccoli, Mushroom, and Gouda Quiche

Broccoli, Mushroom, and Gouda Quiche recipe


A cheesy, veggie-packed quiche is equally great for brunch or dinner (and then breakfast again the next morning). Get our Broccoli, Mushroom, and Gouda Quiche recipe.

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