Small and nondescript, Chinese Peking packs in families enjoying the great food, says meltedcheese. “One of the waitresses there works at several Chinese resturants and says that Peking is her favorite for the food.”

Be sure to get the beef roll, the first item on the menu–flatbread rolled up with really good beef, some onion and a sweet, hoisin-y sauce and cooked till crisp. Lots of places do this well in the San Gabriel Valley, but it’s more rare in OC.

Another standout dish is what sounds like fen pi, or liang fen–translucent sheets of mung bean starch in a really tasty, oily red sauce.

Peking Chinese Restaurant [Little Saigon]
8566 Westminster Blvd., Westminster

Trying to find the name of a dish at Chinese Peking in Little Siagon and a short review

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