The French chef at Camden House definitely knows his business, says RicRios. Heirloom tomato and burrata salad, and foie gras with pineapple, are wonderful starters. Seared ahi tuna and osso buco with spaetzle are very good. For dessert, the apple tart is nice, but the crepes are to die for.

The beautiful bar and main room, though, are mostly empty on a Friday night.

“Like Le Dome, like Norman’s, Camden House is a place that leaves you very satisfied food-wise and at the same time with a sad note, the feeling that demise is imminent, due to some kind of act of God you can’t do much about.”

Burrata salad, $12; foie gras, $16; ahi $27; osso buco $32; apple tarte $9; crepes $8.

Camden House [Beverly Hills]
430 N. Camden Dr., at Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills

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