You ask what’s my favorite sandwich, I say it’s the Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich from a health-food boutique called Locali (locations in Hollywood, Venice, and as Localita, in DTLA). It tastes like what you hoped the McGriddle would’ve lived up to except it’s vegan. I’m just as surprised as you are.

For four years I lived in Berkeley, unofficial headquarters of the sprouted and organic, surrounded by friends who insisted on avoiding animal products. I’ve always wanted to like vegan food; I can get behind the ethical underpinnings. But each vegan donut or fakin’ strip drove me further away from considering it as any sort of option. As someone who has come to terms with his meat-eating, I always thought vegan food was just off, flavor-wise and texturally. Pastries that are supposed to be light and flaky were dense. Substitute meat never packed “beefy” flavor; it was just something to chew on.

The Baaadasss ($6.99) has entirely reversed that. It’s got a substantial vegan sausage patty made of soy and wheat gluten with a bit of rosemary. The oozing layer of cheese, made of rice and tapioca, reminds you of Tillamook cheddar. They add a generous shmear of chipotle sauce, all of which exists within a multigrain English muffin that is perfectly toasted around the edges. The aha! moment is the drizzle of maple syrup, an unexpected hint of sweetness. And for only 30 cents more, you can get it Sir Nasty style, with chopped onions and Sriracha.

Locali [Hollywood]
5825 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles

Locali [Venice]
701 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

Localita [Downtown]
In the Academy Award Clothing Building
817 S. Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles

Photo by Justin Bolois

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