Those who don’t think macarons make a proper meal were pleased to learn that Ladurée‘s palatial month-old restaurant in SoHo would cover other food groups as well. Early Chowhound word on the savory dishes from the French-leaning menu is mixed. Tasty, generously portioned salads and club sandwiches win praise; undersalted omelets and pommes dauphine marred by a heavy dose of truffle oil do not. But the sweets—like those at the Paris pâtisserie’s first New York outpost, opened in 2011 on Madison Avenue—are every bit as good as expected, and not only the world-class macarons. Ladurée’s cream puffs, citron tarts, and raspberry tarts with passion fruit cream, among other treats, have left ‘hounds delighted and impressed. “The flavors are precise and well measured, the textures are on the mark,” wewwew reports. “Small touches and background work pay off, like the well-soaked raisins in the kugelhopf or the drop of rum in the cream for the mille-feuille. … They are raising the standard of what is available in NYC.”

Maison Ladurée [SoHo]
398 W. Broadway (between Spring and Broome streets), Manhattan

Photo from Maison Ladurée / Facebook

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