how to store stinky cheese

Stinky, pungent cheeses—”milky blocks of nirvana,” as nofunlatte calls them—are welcome items in Chowhound refrigerators. But how do you store smelly cheeses without harming them—and without imbuing your blueberries with the aroma of Limburger?

‘Hound nofunlatte rewraps the cheese in parchment or cheese paper, wraps it again in aluminum foil, and then places it inside a plastic bag, but isn’t thrilled with the results. HillJ does the same, but uses a hard plastic container with “snap” sides instead of a plastic bag. Chowhound meatnveg uses a similar method, and then stores the cheese in the veggie crisper rather than the main fridge compartment. All ‘hounds agree they’d love to have a separate cheese fridge—or cheese cave, in HillJ’s case.

For small h, storing cheese in plastic is a bust—the perfume of the cheese always seems to seep through. Instead, small h wraps cheese in wax paper and stores it in a glass jar, with great results.

If the weather allows it, Delucacheesemonger says to do it the French way: Store the cheese on the windowsill outside. Just watch out for furry cheese-appreciators!

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