Ground almonds add richness and complex flavor to a range of recipes, from meats and fish to sweets. Grind the nuts yourself in a food processor or source almond meal for these eight recipes Chowhounds love:

1. Trout dredged in ground almonds and pan-seared in butter is “fabulous.” –kws123

2. Pancetta and ground nuts enrich the sauce for Anne Burrell’s braised chicken with mushrooms and almonds. –bear

3. White wine, lemon zest, and saffron flavor these meatballs in almond sauce from Claudia Roden’s The Food of Spain. –herby

4. Julia Child’s classic Reine de Saba is a rich chocolate-almond cake enrobed in a buttery chocolate glaze. –mirima

5. Basler Brunsli, soft, flourless chocolate-almond spice cookies, are Switzerland’s answer to brownies. –mirima

6. Bananas, oats, and almond meal put the healthy in Nikki’s healthy cookies. Coconut and chocolate chips make them delectable. –greygarious

7. Summer’s quintessential fruit is baked into this almond-rich fig torte. –valadelphia

8. Ground almonds and a cooked purée of whole citrus flavor Nigella Lawson’s flourless clementine cake. –blinknoodle

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Photo by Flickr member goosmurf under Creative Commons

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