If you’re planning on preparing dishes for Thanksgiving that call for turkey stock, you’re in a bit of a spot. First, you kind of need a turkey carcass to make stock with, and your Thanksgiving turkey won’t qualify as a “carcass” until after the fact. Luckily for those planning on making stock from scratch, Willie Bird Turkeys sells carcasses, parts, giblets, and more year-round, in additional to whole turkeys. Highly recommended by Melanie Wong.

However, if you’re not quite that hard core, you can buy great house-made turkey stock from Bryan’s Grocery, says marinrain. They also sell sauces and gravies. Also check out Boulette’s Larder in the Ferry Building, says Lori SF.

Willie Bird Turkeys [Sonoma County]
5350 Highway 12, Santa Rosa

Bryan’s Grocery [Laurel Heights]
3445 California St., San Francisco

Boulette’s Larder [Embarcadero]
Ferry Building Marketplace
1 Ferry Building, Shop #48, San Francisco

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