Fresh-griddled taiyaki (pictured), the fish-shaped snack cakes from Japan, have turned up here and there around New York, though not as prolifically or conveniently as some devotees would like. Now those who can’t make it to a Japanese supermarket in New Jersey or a Korean one in Flushing, Queens, can feed their taiyaki fix in Manhattan’s Chinatown, HLing reports on Chowhound. Taiyaki Tea Shop, as it’s tentatively known in English (the Chinese name translates roughly as “a cup of tea”), opened this month, serving its namesake bites with the classic filling of sweetened red bean or a savory option stuffed with ham and cheese. Both hit the spot, HLing says, charming “the kid in me who wants to eat a whole fish from head to tail.”

She adds that the owner promises more variety as he tools up—chestnut and custard fillings, and cakes made with green tea batter—alongside a lineup of bubble teas. Taiyaki are best by far when made to order, which isn’t necessarily how they’re served for now at this new shop. But its grand opening is still a couple of weeks off, so give the place time to settle in.

Taiyaki Tea Shop [Chinatown]
1 Catherine Street (near Division Street), Manhattan

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Photo by Chowhound user HLing

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