If you find the notion of carrot cake without cream cheese icing unthinkable, think again. Chowhound okyeahsoundscool has fallen hard for the “boldly frosting-less” version served in big golden wedges (pictured) at Royal Bakery & Roti House in Brooklyn. Sold alongside a selection of Trinidadian snacks, both savory and sweet, it holds its own against the best carrot cakes in town, from the likes of Two Little Red Hens and Amy’s Bread. “I thought I’d miss the cream cheese icing,” okyeahsoundscool says, “but this cake is so good, so moist and soft, so over-the-top delicious that you don’t miss it at all.”

Royal Bakery & Roti House [Bedford-Stuyvesant]
618 Nostrand Avenue (between Pacific and Dean streets), Brooklyn

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Photo by JH Barbee

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