The savory griddle breads known as green onion pancakes (pictured) have been on Chinese restaurant menus for years. Now, spots like locations of the Michelle’s Pancake chain have made it easy to sample a wider array of fillings for these savory (and sometimes sweet) treats.

Newcomer House of Pancakes opened this year in San Francisco’s Parkside District, with a menu of skewers, hand-pulled noodles, and the kind of pancakes that can make you forget you ever associated the name “House of Pancakes” with canned apple filling and cheap whipped cream.

You have your choice of 11 savory fillings. Chowhound oniontears tried the restaurant’s most popular offering, the beef pancake, and reports that it was crisp and almost greaseless, with a tender, chewy filling. The sesame version comes with cold, sliced marinated beef and hoisin sauce.

As for the nonpancake portion of the menu, hyperbowler gives the thumbs-up to the lamb and napa cabbage dumplings, and several ‘hounds say the superchewy mustard green and pork hand-pulled noodles are a good bet (though possumspice says she hit the occasional floury patch).

Not much official info about House of Pancakes is available online. Note that it’s closed Wednesdays.

House of Pancakes [Parkside]
937 Taraval Street, San Francisco

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Photo by Flickr member manda_wong under Creative Commons

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