It’s counterintuitive, but many of LA’s best fish tacos are served inland (from food trucks in East LA, for instance) or from tiny kitchens in Los Feliz. That may be changing: This week, Chowhound Ciao Bob stopped by Tacos Punta Cabras, a spot in Santa Monica so new it lacks proper signage, and declared the seafood tacos to be some of LA’s best.

The tortillas are pressed by hand, the spicy salsas and slaw made in-house, and the seafood batter light and extremely fresh. Fish, scallop, and shrimp tacos are $3.50; there’s a tofu version for $3. There are also chilled seafood cocteles, and a cauliflower tostada that Ciao Bob calls outstanding.

Tacos Punta Cabras [Westside – Inland]
2311 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica

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Photo by PeterCC

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