Julia Child’s been played by Dan Aykroyd and Meryl Streep, was Auto-Tuned into droning nostalgia for PBS, and has shown up all splotchy in New Yorker–type art naif. Now Julia’s metaphorically kicking ass as a superhero in a new comic book in the Female Force series by Bluewater Productions. Female Force has a back catalog of fierceness: Hillary Clinton, Carrie Fisher, RuPaul. The 28-page Julia comic ($3.99, available both for download and in print) is supposed to highlight female empowerment. Writer Michael Fitzgerald Troy and artist Nathan Girten show Child as a pearl-wearing, hair-do’d giant, doing stuff like flipping the infamous omelet that ended up jumping the pan, now a symbol of shit-happens equanimity. Female Force: Julia Child is moderately cool, especially for someone who doesn’t know much about Child. And hey, as far as depicting women chefs in comic form, it’s a hell of a lot more gender-affirming than the thinly veiled depiction of evil Alice Waters in Anthony Bourdain’s angry-man graphic novel Get Jiro! Gurrrl.

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