Is a Food Processor a Must-Have Kitchen Appliance?

What are the best uses for a food processor—and what can be accomplished just as well without one? If you have good knife skills and cook in small batches, you probably don't need a food processor, Chowhounds say; for small jobs, setting up and cleaning the food processor takes longer than chopping by hand. And a food mill, mixer, and mandoline together can do everything a food processor can do, kaleokahu says.

But for big jobs, like mincing lots of vegetables, a food processor is much easier than chopping by hand, reptilegrrl says. And food processors are great for making pasta dough. "I made myself crazy trying to make the flour volcano with the well to hold the beaten eggs," escondido123 says. "At some point the wall always broke and then it was a scramble to try and keep it all together." But with a food processor, it's easy. That said, if you haven't found yourself thinking a particular task would be easier with a food processor, christy319 says you probably don't need one.

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