The gel fuel packs used for heating fondue can be intimidating if you’ve never seen them before, as Chowhound wednesdayaddamsd found out recently after getting a new fondue pot. Unlike tea lights or spirit lamps, there’s no wick to guide you. Just touch a lit match to the surface of the gel, ferret says (but note that there’s no “Whoosh!” sound when you light the flame, eclecticsynergy says). An advantage of gel fuel is that it doesn’t leave soot on your pan the way tea lights do.

When your fondue party is done and you want to put out the flame, just blow on it, eclecticsynergy says. If that doesn’t work, cover it with a flame-proof utensil to deprive it of oxygen, hill food says. Just don’t use water, since the burning gel will spread! Finally, make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy in case your fondue guests get overzealous and knock over the flame, zippypinhead says.

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Photo of fondue by Flickr member JoePhoto under Creative Commons

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