Humble Potato, a new place in Westchester, is serving up American classics like hamburgers and fries, but with a Japanese flair. The Curry-baga, for example, has the expected beef patty, tomato, and onion like a traditional hamburger, but it’s topped with pickled radish and a Japanese curry sauce. Garlic and Parmesan fries are dusted with shichimi, a Japanese seasoning containing chiles, sesame seeds, and nori. The ingredients all taste fresh, Chowhound PeterCC notes. The flavors of the Battle Royale, a burger topped with a fried egg, avocado, and bacon, were nicely balanced. But for PeterCC, the star of the show is the Humble Potato spicy sauce, which adds a “solid kick of flavor” and plenty of umami.

Humble Potato [Westchester]
8321 Lincoln Boulevard, Los Angeles

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Photo of shichimi and garlic Parmesan fries by PeterCC

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