Today we’re launching another new video series, CHOW Happy Hour with Martin Cate. Every Friday, we’ll post a new video with Martin, who owns Smuggler’s Cove, a San Francisco bar devoted to rum drinks (it was just ranked number 19 out of the 50 best bars in the world).

Rather than having Martin show you how to make a drink—pour two ounces of this, add ice, etc.—we wanted to give you the feeling of sitting at his bar enjoying a chat as he makes you a drink. Of course, we’ll be including recipes for all the drinks you see—just pause and grab a cocktail napkin to scribble on, just like you’d do at a real bar.

Stay tuned for a variety of drinks, fun stories, and special guest bartenders. Look for CHOW Happy Hour every Friday in the video section of, and cheers!

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