Fans of Chef Ricardo Diaz have undoubtedly visited Guisados Tacos in East LA or Cook’s Tortas in Monterey Park. If you’re willing to drive even farther, head to Bizarra Capital, Diaz’s new and slightly upscale gastropub in Whittier.

In a recent discussion, Chowhounds suggested a number of unique Bizarra dishes perfect for the first-time visitor. As a general rule, the creative menu items are best—basic dishes are about the same as the ones at nearby Mexican restaurants. To start, hound cacio e pepe recommends the pato taco, a “thick disk of fresh masa” filled with a generous amount of shredded duck leg, topped with red onion slivers and an orange-chocolate salsa. Another “lovely” appetizer option is the nopales salad of grilled cactus, Cotija cheese, peppers, and tomato.

For the entrées, cacio e pepe calls the taco de chiles torreados a showstopper, a “complex, bright” taco similar in quality to those served at Guisados. If you’re very hungry, try the bacon-wrapped shrimp stuffed with ham and cheese, gargantuan in size. To round out the meal, check out the bar’s decent cocktail and beer list.

Finally, TonyC suggests going for dinner rather than lunch. The two menus are vastly different, and the lunch menu’s tortas and quesadillas don’t warrant the drive.

Bizarra Capital [East LA]
12706 Philadelphia Street, Whittier

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Photo of panucho de pato from Bizarra Capital / Facebook

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