Highland Park is full of great places to eat (mostly Mexican), with a few sit-downs and a few takeout-only joints. Most are cash-only.

La Fuente is the best restaurant in the ‘hood, say a couple of hounds, with a mean shrimp burrito in a small but comfy atmosphere.

The newly renovated My Taco has great lamb tacos and goat, says Maria C, who likes everything she’s tried there.

Villas Durango has great breakfast deals, and for goodness’ sakes, get the poc chuc, says mancina. Cochinita pibil is really good too, and they now take credit cards.

The ceviche at Mariscos Sinaloa is the best in town, says slowrider, but the shrimp cocktail sucks.

Hounds are loving El Metate these days for Michoacan-style enchiladas, rubenadas (a kind of sandwich with tortillas) and burritos.

Get top-notch huaraches at El Huarache Azteca.

Chico’s has great chile rellenos and even greater red pozole, says Maria C.

Follow your nose to the outlaw taco cart on the south side of York, a block or two west of Figueroa, where they do killer al pastor. They’re usually there after 6:30 pm.

The El Pique taco truck also has great pastor and asada.

Tacos Sinaloa, another truck, has thoroughly addicting carnitas in oversized tacos. Get the vampiro or charreada, says oro3030–you’re not likely to see them anywhere else.

A couple of Salvadoran places are the places to go for handmade pupusas. Try El Buen Gusto or La Arca de Noe.

As for the recently renovated El Arco Iris, *Chris O * says it’s now much more crowded and noisy, with much less friendly service. It feels more like a sports bar than a friendly restaurant.

La Fuente Restaurant [Highland Park]
5530 Monte Vista St., Los Angeles

My Taco [Highland Park]
6300 York Blvd. # 4, at Figueroa, Los Angeles

Villas Durango Restaurant [Highland Park]
5672 York Blvd., Los Angeles

Mariscos Sinaloa [Highland Park]
5633 York Blvd., Los Angeles

El Metate [Highland Park]
5305 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

El Huarache Azteca [Highland Park]
5225 York Blvd., Los Angeles

Chico’s [Highland Park]
100 N. Avenue 50, Figueroa, Los Angeles

Outlaw taco truck [Highland Park]
(formerly at Figueroa/Meridien)
South side of York, a block or two west of Figueroa, Los Angeles

El Pique taco truck [Highland Park]
at the carwash on the corner of 53 and York
5305 York Blvd., Los Angeles

Tacos Sinaloa taco truck [Highland Park]
(formerly at Figueroa/59th)
Avenue 53 or 54 and Monte Vista, Los Angeles

El Buen Gusto #3 [Highland Park]
4306 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

Restaurant Y Pupuseria La Arca [Highland Park]
5570 N. Figueroa St., at Avenue 54, Los Angeles

El Arco Iris [Highland Park]
5684 York Blvd., at Avenue 57, Los Angeles

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