Warming leftover steak or chops without drying them out or turning them gray takes some skill. Chowhounds recently shared their strategies for gently reheating meat. Wrapping in foil and reheating in the oven is inaplasticcup‘s preferred method. But if you decide to use the microwave, covering the meat with a damp paper towel will create steam that helps keep it from drying out.

Other hounds recommend letting meat come to room temperature, then pouring heated sauce or gravy over it. The meat won’t be piping hot, but it won’t be overcooked, either, Sooeygun says. Another approach, ipsedixit says, is to put room-temp meat in a zipper-top bag and run hot tap water over it. Karl S explains that water from the faucet is hot enough to warm food, but not hot enough to cook it further; this is a method that also works well with meat just out of the fridge.

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Photo of meat in foil from Shutterstock

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