After ingesting several Rachael Ray Show episodes this week, I came away with a few things. Surprisingly, indigestion wasn’t one of them. I learned that Richard Nixon is Rachael’s favorite president, and that she ran over a cat during her driving test, and fans of hers defend themselves against housebreakers by announcing that they are “armed with Rachael Ray knives.”

However, the most interesting thing I learned this week was during a segment called “Stump the Rach.” Let’s forget for a moment that the segment name sounds like a medieval ritual performed by Morris dancers at a Whitsun Ale festival and concentrate on the wonder of technology she introduced to my consciousness. Behold, the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Pint Lock! Sheer genius, the Euphori-Lock keeps prying spoons out of your secret stash of Sweet Cream and Cookies.

Industrial design blog Cool Hunting has another suggestion for the Euphori-Lock: “On a diet? Buy a pint and a lock and lock it up without knowing your own combo.” Always hysterical enough to make me wish I’d gone to the bathroom before I sat down with one of their issues, Bay Area alterna-newspaper The Wave Magazine calls the contraption “the chastity belt for ice cream” and comments:

At last, your psychotic “friends” who would find this thing useful can sleep at night, knowing that their Chunky Monkey ice cream will be waiting for them safely in the morning. And this is a perfect opportunity, by the way, to duct tape them to their bed.

Just as people went gangbusters for any knife, pot, or book Rachael slapped her name on, I’m sure Ben and Jerry will be slammed with orders for the Euphori-Lock in the next few weeks.

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