Chowhounds agree that Voltage Coffee & Art in Kendall Square serves great café mochas, but maillard thinks it’s worth trying some of the special lattes. “I’m usually not a big fan of milky coffee or sweets,” maillard says. “But these things are seriously delicious. And the 8 ounce size is the perfect balance of milk and coffee.”

The Atticus Finch (vanilla with burnt sugar) and Madame X (Earl Grey–infused white chocolate ganache) lattes are both fantastic, maillard says, though the almond-flavored Thieving Magpie is a bit boring. Next time, maillard plans to try the Devil May Care, a latte with molasses and lemon zest.

Voltage Coffee & Art [Kendall Square]
295 Third Street, Cambridge

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Photo from Voltage Coffee & Art / Facebook

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