After eating one of the best meals he’s had in a long, long time, Tom P called it: Santa Monica’s Farmshop is amazing.

The salads—from smashed beets with pecans and blue cheese crema to melon with sopressata, whipped fromage blanc, black olives, and Thai basil—are beautiful both in presentation and flavor. Tom P calls the melon salad a work of art. Roast Jidori chicken is incredibly tender and moist, with a wonderful combination of mushrooms, leeks, and corn. And a stunning beef sirloin covered in chimichurri sauce has explosive flavors. The best dish of the evening, though, was an incredible side of fried heirloom eggplant, which Tom P. found surprisingly sweet.

Farmshop [Westside – Beaches]
225 26th Street, Suite 25, Santa Monica

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